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Stopping the Spread of Viruses with Steam Cleaning

Killing 99.99% bacteria & virus

When it comes to the spread of germs and viruses, especially during cold and flu season, the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure really is true. That's where using steam comes in.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Steam cleaners and steam cleaning does kill most viruses and bacteria, but there's a catch. The steam has to be hot enough

Typically, steam will disinfect and kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, and more with at least three minutes of sustained contact at a temperature between 175 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, the higher the temperature, the better.

How Does Steam Cleaning Kill Germs, Viruses, and More?

A steam cleaning is a fairly simple cleaning process. In just a couple of steps, a steam cleaner can take ordinary tap water and turn it into a powerful natural cleaning solution.

  • Step 1: Water is first heated past its boiling point and is forced out as pressurized steam through the cleaner's nozzle, brush, or other attachment.

  • Step 2: This vapor kills viruses and germs, as well as loosens dirt and grime on your surfaces. Since high-heat moisture dries quickly, no suction is needed.

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